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Eagle Statue at Waterfront Park

Parks for Clark: A Digital Reimagining (2020)

Production of a website, videos, and social media plan for the Park Foundation of Clark County. Lead developer for interactive map.
UX/UI Design
Web Developer - WordPress, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery
Pokeball on a Green Background

PokeScuffles (2019)

Browser based Pokemon battle simulator code in pure JavaScript. The project's purpose was to replicate the battle engine used in the mainline Pokemon games as a proof of concept.


Developer - HTML5/CSS3,JavaScript

Developer Screenshot of Crystal Caverns

Crystal Caves (2019)

A virtual reality experience where users are placed within a cave to interact with the surrounding environment. Final project for the Digital Technology & Culture Program Special Topics: Virtual Reality course.


Programmer - Unity
Video Production - Adobe Premiere Pro

A phone used as a background

Celluar Systems: Our Addiction to Access (2018)

Informational website focused on nomophobia; the fear of not having access to a mobile phone.

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Developer - HTML5/CSS3,JavaScript
Video Production - Adobe Premiere Pro
Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator

Henry Sissac

I am an up-and-coming web developer aiming to create and design products in the digital landscape. I have done work in software development, front-end web, graphic design, and video game development.

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